Wanted: NASPA pre-con panelists

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Wanted: NASPA pre-con panelists

Posted by Benjamin Perlman on Feb 11, 2019 10:52 am

Apologies for the cross-posting for Finance & Auxilliares members!

I’m collaborating on a pre-con on the Sunday afternoon of NASPA, focusing on developing business skills for student affairs practitioners.  One of the things we are trying to do is have a short, 30-45 minute panel new avenues for revenue generation that they’d developed and answering questions from attendees.  However, I'm learning that the NASPA attending list is opt-in so I'm having trouble connecting with colleagues who might be willing to share their experiences in this area. I’m reaching out in the hopes that you might be willing to join the panel and highlight a program on your campus. Details:
  • We are hoping to connect with colleagues who are available the Sunday afternoon of NASPA from approx. 1:30-2:15pm
  • Colleagues can share any new idea related to revenue generation or developing new cost neutral programs or services
Also, if you have any recommendations or referrals to other colleagues that would also be greatly appreciated.   

Ben Perlman
Director, Student Center
Emory University
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