Golf carts

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Golf carts

Posted by Michael McKean on Jan 30, 2019 9:35 am

Does your institution utilize golf carts?  We have three- 1 for our print shop to deliver artwork around campus, 1 for our AV- 1 for guests to be shuttled around campus.  My questions is does anyone have a good check out and check in policy for accountability.  We have had damage caused by drivers and our sign in/out process is notcutting the mustard.  


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Re: Golf carts and written policy / who enforces

Posted by Brian Koehler on Jan 31, 2019 10:32 am

I am happy to see this thread begin, as I am part of a committee at our institution focusing on campus circulation - and golf cart policy is on our agenda.

We do not have golf carts in our department, but we do allow students to drive university vehicles to various locations on campus and in the local community.  We used the sign-out sheet until a  Master Key set was lost.  "Someone" dodged a bullet, because we were told we would not have to re-key the entire facility.  We have now invested in an electronic key box with remote access and pin code access.  Keys are now tracked every time they are removed, and by whom.

At the University policy level, each department currently manages their own process (acquisition, maintenance, storage, travel routes, etc), and that's why we see catering students pulling Dukes of Hazzard moves across the malls - however there has been a discussion that moving forward motor pool should take on management / control (a whole different hornets' nest to deal with). 

I would really be interested in folks sharing any type of policies you may have on your campuses around golf carts / utility vehicles / EV / vehicles.
I've attached some comparative information I collected for our committee.
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