In-room LCD projectors?

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In-room LCD projectors?

Posted by Laura Shimabukuro on Jan 29, 2019 8:41 pm


For folks who have meeting rooms that have LCD projectors attached to the ceiling in the room, do you recommend it?  If you don't have it attached to the ceiling, what other solutions are there to have it permanently in the room without having to set it up on a cart?

Does access to the LCD projector come with the room rental, or do you secure the equipment so only groups who pay for the LCD can actually use it?  If yes, how do you secure it?

Does anyone use large TV monitors instead of LCD projectors/screens?  Pros/cons?

We currently don't have projectors in the room, and are looking into options for updating this with potential room renovations on the horizon.

Thank you,
Laura Shimabukuro
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Campus Center Meeting and Event Services
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Re: In-room LCD projectors?

Posted by Andrew Carter on Jan 30, 2019 5:48 am


At Central Washington University we just finished upgrading all of our meeting room projectors. We do have ceiling installed units. Clients will appreciate having them in the ceiling, as the other options such as a cart or table top take up precious floor space and may affect how you are able to setup a room. 

When we upgraded we went with all laser based projectors instead of the traditional lamp based. They have an almost instant startup and are nearly silent. Also their “lamp life” is significantly longer than a traditional lamps so you save on maintenance and lamp replacement. It also means that if a student forgets to turn one off before a long weekend it’s not a huge deal. 

As for controlling usage, we have equiped almost all our meeting rooms with an “AV Cart” which is a lectern height equipment rack that houses a PC, monitor, drawer, and amplifier for the in room speakers. It has a locking front door so we can control who has access. We also keep the projector remotes in the drawer. However since we also mounted a small button station for projector powering a wall and not in the cart, it is entirely possible someone could turn the projector on, and bring their own HDMI cable and Laptop, but we have not seen this happen yet. 

We use TV’s in three of our smaller spaces. I would point you to Avixa’s (formerly Infocomm) handy calculators.

This will help you get an idea of how large of a screen you would need. Once you get into that 80”+ TV sizes there are very few consumer products and the commercial displays climb in price quickly. We use 65” TVs for very small 10 person huddle rooms. 

Feel free to to reach out if you have any other questions! I am happy to help!


Re: In-room LCD projectors?

Posted by Jeffrey Steinmiller on Jan 30, 2019 8:50 am

At Pittsburg State, all meetings either have a ceiling mounted projector or a flat panel mounted to the wall.  The flat panel rooms have conference tables that hold any where from 8-14 where as the rooms with the mounted projectors can hold 22 - to over 500 in our ballroom.  Different size rooms also determine the how powerful the projector is.  Any group that reserves a room has the ability to request the use of the equipment.  All of the projector controls are behind a standard lockable thermostat lock box and all of the projection screens are controlled with a key. All of the boxes are keyed the same as well as the the screens so no one can have access without approval.  Rooms with mounted projectors all have additional ceiling speakers for added sound since those rooms are larger than rooms with flat panels.  We also will provide laptops and appropriate cables to connect to the media.  All of the AV requested is set up by our student manager.  We've done this for years and it has worked fine with no major issues.  I would guess about 75% of all room requested ask for media and we do not charge for media usage either.  

Let me know if you need more information.  

Jeff Steinmiller, Director
Pittsburg State University

Re: In-room LCD projectors?

Posted by Michael McKean on Jan 30, 2019 9:32 am

Typically rooms that seat less than twenty can get away with a TV monitor 65" or bigger.  A great tool is Projector Central you can measure the distance from the screen to the projector and determine how bright the projector needs to be and how many folks can see it.  
As far as charging for AV- working the cost of AV into your room rate reduces your clients feeling of being nickeled and Dimed.  If you don 't have room rates, you might think about charging hourly rates- this way a 30 minute meeting pays less than an 8 hour conference.  

Also- i would repost this question in the Technology community.  

Re: In-room LCD projectors?

Posted by Kathleen Hurley on Jan 30, 2019 10:16 am

Hi Laura,

At Wake Forest we have in-room projectors/speakers in spaces that seat more than 15 people.  Smaller rooms have TV monitors.  The exception is our ballroom, which has a projector and screen in the largest section, but has TV monitors in the other sections so that if the whole space is being used you can see the presentation in every room without having screens blocking views.  

Our projectors are all mounted.  It is the easiest option for us based on usage data and floor space.  We often host conferences that need 5-10 breakout rooms, and we couldn't accommodate storing/securing that many projectors otherwise. Additionally, we've found that the few rooms we have that don't have any projection capabilities are rarely reserved.  We are working on adding screens to those spaces so we can make sure all of our spaces are being utilized. Our room rates are broken up in to half day (less than four hours) and full day (four hours or more).  

Each system is controlled by a wall mounted panel; the more complex systems use touchscreens.  The panel is the only thing accessible to the client; everything else is kept in a locked cabinet in the room or in a closet.  Similar systems are used in classrooms and other conference rooms around campus, which means that most students/faculty/staff are familiar with how to operate the basics.  We've made the interface as simple as possible to reduce the need for support at every meeting.  We have student staff that monitor all of the spaces for on-call support.

Happy to provide more information if you'd like!

Re: In-room LCD projectors?

Posted by Jason Rogien on Jan 30, 2019 10:17 am

At the Lory Student Center we have 4 meeting spaces with 90" displays that hold up to 120 people in each room, 20 rooms with 80" displays that hold 16 - 80 people, and our ballrooms use projectors.  Although most screen size calculators are going to indicate that the 80" - 90" screens are a little small, we made the decision to use them in meeting rooms due to the ease of use, professional look, and presenters being able to stand in front of them.  Our clients have been very happy with the displays and we like that there is no maintenance required on screens or projectors.  Installation is also very easy.  

We include the displays with the room regardless of any room charge.  All of our systems are controlled by Crestron and there is an easy to use touch interface in each room.  

In-room LCD projectors?

Posted by Stephen McCay on Jan 30, 2019 10:28 am

We have ceiling mounted projectors for all meeting rooms in our newer facility. We have begun transitioning to laser projectors in our ballrooms and slowly upgrading to laser projectors from lamp projectors in our smaller meeting rooms. In our older facility we have rolling cart projectors and 2 rooms that have mounted TVs in them.


Any use of AV equipment is an additional fee that is not included in the room rental fee. A projector rental is $70. Our Crestron panels are password protected, so even if someone brings their own cables they won’t be able to turn on the projector or chose sourcing. With the 2 rooms with a TV, that is a little hard to monitor, as there are simple wall plates to plug in to.



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Re: In-room LCD projectors?

Posted by Tamene Abebe on Jan 30, 2019 11:23 am

We use large TV monitors for all meeting rooms.  The only rooms that have LCD projectors are the ballrooms due to their size.

Re: In-room LCD projectors?

Posted by Garland Rodriguez on Jan 31, 2019 10:58 am


Here at the University of Louisiana @ Lafayette we renovated our Union in 2012 and opened in 2014.  During this renovation/new construction we incorporated in our project budget funding for AV equipment.  All of our meeting rooms have ceiling mounted LCD projectors and electric screens that are hidden into the ceiling and can be lowered with a touch of a button, with the exception of two meeting rooms which we have to use portable projector and screens. We are currently trying to securing funding soon to add this feature in those two rooms. Our student groups that use the building are not charged to use our meeting rooms due to a fee that is collected in their tuition and the projector/screen is included.  For off campus groups that rent the rooms the cost of the equipment was considered into the room rental rate and is included once the client books the room if they wish to use it.  We do provide only an HDMI or VGA cable and adaptors at no additional cost.  I have found that has the best prices for HDMI cables and either Monoprice or Amazon for adaptors. Our Ballroom and Theatre however.

Garland "Chico" Rodriguez
Assistant Director, Student Union
University of Louisiana at Lafayette


Re: In-room LCD projectors?

Posted by James Cho on Jan 31, 2019 9:45 pm


At the University of Nevada, Reno’s Joe Crowley Student Union, we use ceiling mounted projectors of varying luminance.  In most of our meeting rooms, we have the Epson 1940W WXGA PowerLite projectors. In Larger higher profile meeting rooms, we use the Epson G6750WU Powerlite Pro.  In smaller meeting rooms, we have large NEC TVs mounted. In our theater and Ballrooms, we use the Panasonic PT-DW10000U and PT-RZ12UK respectively.  These displays are included with the room reservation, and our student AV technicians assist clients initially to operate them through our Crestron DM system.  Each room has a lectern with several AV input options, such as a PC inside the lectern.  Clients can also bring their own laptop for input through Crestron to send the signal to the room AV.
For small meeting rooms, we prefer the TVs for their quiet operation.

With regards,
James Cho, Coordinator of Student Union Technology Services
University of Nevada Reno
Joe Crowley Student Union