EMS Consolidation with other campus user databases

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EMS Consolidation with other campus user databases

Posted by Michael Mironack on Jan 23, 2019 5:30 pm

Has anyone out there gone through a consolidation of EMS to a university-wide enterprise database that is shared by multiple user departments?  We're being pulled into such a consolidation that will merge various academic and non-academic departments who each have their own EMS databases into a single database and license.  And to make it happen by end of June.  We have huge concerns about the one-size-fits-all attitude and impacts to our operations.  Any information would be appreciated.

Mike Mironack
Director of Operations
J. Wayne Reitz Union
University of Florida
(352) 392-4781
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Re: EMS Consolidation with other campus user databases

Posted by Nora Molloy on Jan 24, 2019 6:46 am

I would actually encourage you to grab this with both arms and get at the table early. When you say one license, that is about the software license. They are still going to have to have multiple desktop user licenses so users can manage space. Any chance you are on EMS Professional as opposed to Enterprise? The capabilitites, particularly with the ability to have numerous web request templates in Enterprise means the system is very very flexible. You don't have to run your operation the same way Athletics runs theirs or Registrar manages classrooms etc. In the integration, decisions need to be made in some places to agree on some policies to be able to treat like things alike in Web Process Templates as much as possible - that creates a better customer experience. But that doesn't change how you manage your space and your operation. I strongly suggest you jump in early as an advocate and position yourself as a best practices leader for the project. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk about specific funtions you have that you are concerned about losing. I both run the student union operations and am currently expanding EMS across the UNH campus. So I've got my feet in both worlds. More close to home, you might try Dacia SImpson - she is in classroom Management at U Miami. simpsond@miami.edu. But they have an integrated system on that campus as well.


Nora Molloy
Univ. of New Hampshire
Memorial Union

Re: EMS Consolidation with other campus user databases

Posted by Jason Levy on Jan 24, 2019 7:56 am

I know it's not very helpful, but...
We went from Pro to Enterprise a few years back and started adding partners on our campus with the hope that we would eventually move to a campus wide/enterprise wide instance of EMS.
In the last year, we have made the decision to move to an enterprise wide 25Live instance and are facing lots of challenges. Not with the software itself, just with the transition.
I would be thrilled to move to an enterprise wide option with EMS as I believe they have the tools, security, and other configurations to make it work very well.
I'm curious what your concerns are?  As we added users to our EMS Enterprise process, things went very smoothly.
Would be happy to talk more offline if you'd like.

Re: EMS Consolidation with other campus user databases

Posted by Jason Levy on Jan 24, 2019 7:57 am

I also agree with  what Nora shared... and hit send too quickly. :)


Re: EMS Consolidation with other campus user databases

Posted by Trinity Gonzalez on Jan 24, 2019 8:29 am

Hi Mike, 

The plan here at FSU is to make EMS an enterprise-level solution for space reservations, so I am definitely following this thread and have a couple things to offer. I was able to attend EMS Live back in October, and there were many presentations from campuses around the country who have navigated this process with success. I took a furious amount of notes in each presentation--they were very helpful! I am listing the presentation titles, presenters, and institutions below because I know that each of these folks would be a great resource for you.

Building a Collaborative Culture for Campus-wide Scheduling, Sue Burket, James Madison University
Governance: Getting Buy-in and Winning Together, Beth Hoagland and Jason Oppel, Wake Forest University 
Expanding EMS in your Organization: Standardizing Rollouts while Meeting Unique Needs, Alyssa Manse, University of TX Austin
How to Win Friends, Influence People, and Grow EMS, Corrie Svehla, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 

Hope this helps!
Trinity Gonzalez 

Re: EMS Consolidation with other campus user databases

Posted by Tena Bennett on Jan 24, 2019 9:35 am


We went through a campus migration with EMS from just the Student Center using EMS to almost all of campus and will be presenting on it at the annual conference in March.  We present March 27th at 1:30pm.  If you would like to talk before please reach out to us.

Tena Bennett
SIU Student Center Director

Re: EMS Consolidation with other campus user databases

Posted by Megan Ward on Jan 24, 2019 10:17 am

We use EMS Campus. We have approximately 25 desktop users and about another 150 that have "view access" around campus anywhere from Music to REC to Registrar. We also use the WebApp for reservations campus wide. The Student Center Team and Registrar are the Admins of the software. We also have 1 I.T. member that helps in updates and patch work and was there during implentation.

We created/create different user templates for those desktop users so that it is catered to their specific needs for their space. 
We have over 300 notifications we've built for UPD, Parking, Custodial, and folks that need to staff employees (like us for events). Additionally notifications are catered by need of the department that needs them.
There is a lot back-end upfront work that went into the transition, and we tweek things as we move along now (about 4.5 years later).

We now do one little meetings each semester with the desktop users to talk about how EMS is going for them, updates coming from EMS, etc. and stay in constant communication; additionally, because the Student Center is the longest users of EMS we are used as a resource for our campus community. The Student Center has been using EMS for about 10 years total.

I will tell you EMS Campus really changed the game for our campus, it helped better centralize and very decentralized campus and helped increase utilization rates and satisfaction of usage from our campus facilities. It has become essential to many of our campus partners as well, UPD is better informed on what is happening our campus, HVAC is better notified to adjust our ballrooms for big events and many many others. We have created so many settings within our operation so that its not a one size fits all. I personally think that's what is great about the program. It did take quite a while to get going, about 6 months, and 4.5 years later, we try to follow up frequently with our campus so EMS can constantly stay relevant and a program everyone enjoys using.

I am not attending the annual conference but if you'd like to chat more, please let me know!

Megan Ward
Events Coordinator
West Texas A&M University- Jack B. Kelley Student Center

Re: EMS Consolidation with other campus user databases

Posted by Scott Anderson on Jan 24, 2019 11:20 am

Hi Mike,
My name is Scott  Anderson and I am the co-founder of 7 Point Solutions, an ACUI corporate partner, but previously i was a VP for EMS Software for 12 years and spearheaded numerous EMS database merges for customers. I'd be happy to chat with you anytime about the EMS merge process, and answer any questions you might have not already addressed by this awesome group of contributors.  You can reach me at scott@7pointsolutions.com or 720-663-9783.   I have a contact at Colorado State the just finished up their merge earlier this month and I'm sure he would be happy to chat as well.   We're always happy to help.

Scott Anderson
7 Point Solutions

Re: EMS Consolidation with other campus user databases

Posted by Phylander Pannell on Jan 25, 2019 8:23 am

Good morning Mike,

We are currently working from a consolidated EMS Enterprise database here at Georgetown University.  Initially, my office began using EMS in 1997.  A few years later, we begin sharing our license with our Medical School.  At some point, the Law Center, which is located on a different campus, purchased their own license to use it.   Years later, our business school purchased a separate license when they opened a new building.  Fast forward to 2013, university senior management realized the university had (3) different licenses and undoubtedly forced use to consolidate under one license.  There were some growing pains initially but we were able to make it happen.  Today, we have added additional offices/campuses to the license, including our campus in Qatar.  Each department have their own policies/procedures and continue to manage their perspective areas separately through the reservation template, similar to what Nora M. from University of New Hampshire mentioned.

Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions or concerns.  We currently have (173) desktop clients.  All student, staff and faculty have access to the web app to submit room requests, classroom requests, athletic requests, etc.  The key is communication and collaboration - without this, you will experience many difficulties however, with it, you will be successful in moving forward with the consolidation.

I hope this helps,

Re: EMS Consolidation with other campus user databases

Posted by Jessica Wilson on Jan 25, 2019 11:09 am

Hi All,

Valpo moved from R25 to EMS in 2016 and in the process went from multiple departments using everything from google calendars and paper and pencil to schedule their spaces to being told they had to get on board and use EMS everywhere! While it wasn't easy and took some work, we did it! A colleague of mine and I did a presentation at ACUI nationals last year on our experience and our advise to others going campus-wide. The link to the presentation is below if you are interested. I am happy to answer and questions any might have. My colleague, Michelle Lawson now works at FSU and was really the heart of making all this happen. I am sure should would be happy to answer questions too, if it would be helpful!

Yeah...But Did You Die? Lessons Learned from Onboarding EMS at Valparaiso University- ACUI 

Jessica Wilson
Assistant Director, Harre Union
Valparaiso University


Re: EMS Consolidation with other campus user databases

Posted by Laura Ballou on Jan 25, 2019 4:37 pm

When we moved to EMS many years ago, it was done campus wide and the benefits have great.  While it does require coordination, to be able to run data on room usage and clients through one central database has been very helpful.  We have almost 80 users, but each area has their own reservation coordinator and policies.  It also has improved our processes from a customer service perspective as now student organizations have one central contact, even if they want to reserve space in academic classrooms, and departments have a central contact, even if they want reservations in the student union.  Then behind the scenes the reservation coordinators work together.  We also have monthly EMS user group meetings so that everyone is playing nicely in one database.  Here is a link to our centralized process:  http://www.rochester.edu/college/ecm/plan/reservations.html .  (You will see there are still some spaces that are not in EMS, but that list has gotten shorter over time).

Laura Ballou
University of Rochester