Staff Size & Building Rounds

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Staff Size & Building Rounds

Posted by Stephen McCay on Jan 7, 2019 4:25 pm

We are in the process of making some changes for this spring semester and wanted to get some resources on how other institutions handle things. 
  1. Staff size
    1. How many students do you have during a shift doing set-ups (not including a building manager)?
    2. What does your shift schedules look like?
    3. Do you call off students/shifts where there isn't work for them?
  2. Building rounds
    1. Do your building managers do required rounds?
    2. How often do they do rounds during the day/shift?
    3. Is there a report that is completed during the rounds and what information is recorded (separate than a shift report)?
Thanks for your feedback regarding these questions. 

- Stephen R. McCay
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Re: Staff Size & Building Rounds

Posted by Danielle Kroencke on Jan 7, 2019 4:51 pm

Hi Stephen - 
   I think a lot of this will depend on how many spaces/events that you have within your operation.   For SIUE, we have 2 large spaces and several smaller event and meeting spaces.  

1. We keep a minimum of 2-3 students in our production team. 
2. The shifts for this vary by semester on how we can appropriately cover the building.
3. We have students sign up extra shifts based on event needs 2 weeks out. 

1. Yes.
2. We require that they do rounds every 30 minutes 
3. We have an event/trouble report but really everything just ends up in the Shift Report.

We just recently separated our Production & Housekeeping staffs.  I'm happy to chat more if you have any other questions about the process of scheduling, etc.

Re: Staff Size & Building Rounds

Posted by Filip Pongratz on Jan 7, 2019 4:57 pm

Hi Stephen - So you have some context my operation has approximately 18,000sqft of conference space totaling 10 flexible spaces for 6-250 people plus an additional academic building where we set up their classrooms and atrium space as needed (for special events only) with approximately another 22,000sqft of space across 8 spaces ranging from 32-300 people.
  1. Staff Size
    1. We have one BM and one event staff on shift to handle around 3000 reservations per year between the two spaces. For any large banquet setups we will bring 1 maybe 2 additional event staff depending on the turn around time.
    2. Operating hours are M-TH, 6:30AM-10PM and F, 6:30AM-8PM during Fall and Spring semesters. We should have one building manager and one event staff on shift at all times. We try to have a minimum 4 hour shift.
    3. We rarely call off students if there is limited to no work. I would rather have the coverage plus we can usually find something for them to do.
  2. Building Rounds
    1. Yes BMs do required rounds. This encompasses not just our conference center but also the recreation center that they oversee.
    2. Rounds for event staff and BMs are every two hours.
    3. Reports are electronically submitted using 7PointOps. Event staff reports cover conference spaces, areas that were setup/broken down, tech, deliveries, cleanliness etc. BM reports have some overlap but are more geared towards staffing issues/check-in, general facility cleanliness and check and balances for the conference center and recreation center.
Filip Pongratz
Associate Director, Student Center Operations
SFC Activities & Operations
# 2157074362

Re: Staff Size & Building Rounds

Posted by Jeff Pelletier on Jan 7, 2019 6:50 pm

Hi Stephen-
Happy New Year!
Answers for the Ohio Union (300,000+ ft^2 building), 34 meeting spaces are below - let me know if you need further information/explanation!

--Jeff Pelletier
Ohio Union Director of Operations and Events
  1. Staff size
    1. How many students do you have during a shift doing set-ups (not including a building manager)? 4
    2. What does your shift schedules look like? 4-hour blocks throughout the day
    3. Do you call off students/shifts where there isn't work for them? we reduce scheduling during known slower periods, including breaks. Shift managers can release staff earlier if work is done. But truly, there is always work to be done!
  2. Building rounds
    1. Do your building managers do required rounds? yes
    2. How often do they do rounds during the day/shift? varies, but we aim for roughly hourly
    3. Is there a report that is completed during the rounds and what information is recorded (separate than a shift report)? headcounts from each round are collected in an app, that data is transferred to the nightly report. Sometimes there is a midday report, so those rounds are included there, and the full set appears again in the nightly report.

Re: Staff Size & Building Rounds

Posted by Jess Shapiro on Jan 8, 2019 9:39 am

Hello Stephen,
Here is some information about the operation at Ithaca College's Campus Center.  We are a 120,000 square foot facility with four meeting rooms, two medium-sized lounges, and a large ballroom space.
  • Staff Size:
    • We schedule groups of students (both staff members and managers) to work various set-up shifts throughout each week at our weekly staff meetings.  These are scheduled on a weekly basis to accommodate whatever events are taking place during that week.  We usually have about 15-20 set-up shifts in an average week with anywhere from 3-10 staff members scheduled depending on the complexity/length of the set-up.
    • As I said, set-up shifts are sporadic and change each week.  We generally expect each person to pick up 2 set-up shifts per week.  Outside of set-ups, our staff members answer phones at our Information Desk and also staff the Recreation Center (game room).  These shifts are about 2 hours on weekdays and 3.5-4 hours on weekends.  Staff members have 2-3 permanent weekday shifts per week and we schedule weekend shifts on a rotating basis so each staff member has one shift every 3 weeks or so.
    • We always need staff members working at the Info Desk and Rec Center unless the Rec Center has been reserved for a private event.  If that happens, we always give staff the option to still work so they do not lose out on the money or to not work as there would not be much to do.  Sometimes we create a set-up shift that has too many people scheduled and we will ask some folks to not come in for that shift - this happens once a month or less often.
  • Building Rounds:
    • Building managers should complete a round at least once per shift (each shift is about 2 hours long).  Sometimes it is too busy to do so, but most of the time rounds are completed every 2 hours.  There is no specific round report.  Our shift and round reports are essentially combined into what we call the manager book.  This is a running google doc listing each day in the month where each manager notes their shift time and everything of note that happened during the shift (i.e. rounds, set-ups, strange phone calls, other tasks, etc.).
Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Jess Shapiro
Assistant Director, Campus Center
Ithaca College

Re: Staff Size & Building Rounds

Posted by Kat Van Vleet on Jan 9, 2019 10:22 am

Hopefully all these answer are helpful.  I work with Student Activities at the University of Notre Dame where we cover 6 facilities, which differ in their size and functions.  
Staff Size
1. Most of our facilities have a team of 10 building managers ( with one team of 40 for an exceptionally large space) and then we have a team of 30 Event Assistants that work in all of our buildings for event set ups and events. 
2. The schedules vary for the buildings some have students scheduled the entire time the facility is open and some when they are being used more heavily.  BUilding managers have regular weekly shifts of 2-4 hrs.  The event assistants are broken into cohorts of 5 or 6.  The different shifts are assigned to the cohorts as a whole and the students schedule themselves within the cohort.  There is a weekly meeting to make sure everything is covered.
3. Building managers are scheduled no matter what and Event Assistants are scheduled as needed.

Building Rounds
1. All of our building managers do rounds.
2. Building Managers do a round once per hour to make sure everything is going well and people are behaving.  It's also a subtle way to remind students that someone is paying attention to what they are doing.
3. Building managers do shift reports only. The include pretty much anything we would need to know.  I have  stock form I use in 7 Points for the managers I oversee that includes every space, if it was scheduled, if the groups actually showed up, and the time they used.  It also covers custodial and maintenance issues and tasks completed during their shift.  There's also a "other issues" category for anything else.  I have another group of managers in another building I am temporarily managing that send an email that includes an update from each of their rounds and maintenance issues.  I would probably change how they do it if I wasn't only temporarily managing them because I like that 7 Points generates an email that I get in the morning that includes all the reports from the previous day instead a separate email for each.

Please let me know if you have an questions and good luck!
Kat Van Vleet
Student Activities Assistant Director
University of Notre Dame

Re: Staff Size & Building Rounds

Posted by Michelle Rucker on Jan 11, 2019 7:38 pm

  1. Staff size
    1. A team of around 4 setup crew for room sets. They are anywhere between 1 and 5 hours, depending on how many events have special sets. We also have an event manager that takes care of the events that are going on and AV needs.
    2. Event managers are shifted to cover all open building hours (3-5 hour shifts). Setup crews are based on events.
    3. I will offer for them to have the shift off if they would like it. If they still want the hours, we will find something for them to do. There's always a storage room to clean.
  2. Building rounds
    1. Yes, we call them event managers.
    2. EMs should be doing building rounds each hour.
    3. We use 7Point and there are "buttons" to mark off what has been done in the room (setup done, AV setup, AV on, checked in with guest, AV strike, TD done, room cleaned, and event complete).
Event Operations
Memorial Union
Oregon State University