Campus Labs Engage/ EMS Integration

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Campus Labs Engage/ EMS Integration

Posted by Katie Beaulieu on Dec 13, 2018 12:42 pm

Hi everyone,

Our campus is using Campus Labs Engage as an event registration process for student organizations. We also use EMS for all reservations for our building. So currently, student groups need to submit a reservation request through Virtual EMS and then submit a separate request through Engage for university approval from stakeholders such as our Dean of Students Office, Roads & Grounds, and Public Safety.

Does anyone else use Engage and EMS? It looks like there isn't a full integration possible where systems talk to each other, correct? Would appreciate input on how you use both systems as seamlessly as possible for students.

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Re: Campus Labs Engage/ EMS Integration

Posted by Michael Schmit on Dec 13, 2018 1:19 pm


We are working to get these different software packages to speak the same language, but have not solved it yet. Our hope is that the integration module that is being written by 7Point will allow for student organization information to be entered into Engage, then populate into EMS. Our event approval process is handled by Event Services, so the request via the WebApp (vEMS) is the primary data entry for the students. Once our integration module is up an running (hopefully soon since it is three months late at this point), then we hope set-up a next phase of the integration and send reservation data back out to Engage in order to populate the work flow for the Involvement office (which seems to be what you are looking to do). 

Our first semester using Engage has not gone well, so it possible we may be shopping for a different platform. 

Hope this helps.


Re: Campus Labs Engage/ EMS Integration

Posted by Joseph Hayes on Dec 14, 2018 8:27 am

Katie and Mike,

We are Engage and EMS users as well. What we've done is build our space reservers into our event registration process via Engage. The student org is allowed to request space within the form and our space people are approvers within the form. Our orgs do not interface with EMS so from there perspective it is one stop shopping. Our staff navigates the two on the back end. It took us a while to get it worked out but it works great now. 


Re: Campus Labs Engage/ EMS Integration

Posted by Joshua Hamlin on Dec 14, 2018 10:22 am

We also have both EMS and Engage, and are in the process of integrating them where able.  We are in the final stages of connecting them to import and maintain active student organizations from Engage into EMS via the EMS HR Toolkit functions and a custom script, but even that isn't 100% of what we want/need as it doesn't assign web users other than the primary contact from Engage (we want all officers and advisors).   We are also exploring 7Point's Student Org Connector which is designed to expressly do this exact function between the two platforms.

It is unfortunate that the two systems cannot interface directly around space requests/bookings, but perhaps through future API functions they will be. 

Re: Campus Labs Engage/ EMS Integration

Posted by James Ball on Dec 14, 2018 4:31 pm

The event management feature of Engage did not meet our reservations and approval needs; filtering out the reservations that don't need approval was problematic.  We have clients reserve spaces through EMS and ask them to submit a Special Events Checklist using a Form under our University Scheduling organization.  This was the third attempt at finding a solution in Engage after we transitioned from OrgSync.  This solution does not meet the needs for work flow automation in the event approval process therefore, University Scheduling is working with our campus IT staff to develop a form in ImageNow to handle the event information intake and approval process.  Engage will be used for student groups to advertise their events on the calendar but it will not be apart of the event approval process when this occurs.

James Ball
Associate Director for Operations, Centennial Student Union
Minnesota State University, Mankato