End of Year Holiday decorations

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End of Year Holiday decorations

Posted by Michael McKean on Oct 30, 2018 11:48 am

Looking for ideas for celebrating the end of the year and being inclusive to all of our students.  Is anyone doing multi faith trees or wreaths in their unions?  Would love to see some pictures if you have them.

Michael McKean
Associate Director
Rayburn Student Center 
Texas A & M University Commerce 
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Re: End of Year Holiday decorations

Posted by Allen Flanagan on Oct 30, 2018 12:50 pm


Last year, we increased our holiday decor in the University Center.  Historically, the only decor we put up was a wreath with white lighting and a red bow.  Last year we started putting up green garland with white lights along our railing overlooking our atrium and main staircase.  We also put up a 9.5' tall tree with school colors represented in the ornaments/bulbs.  We also put up a menorah, and a kwanzaa display - all located side by side in our main lobby area.  Feedback was surprisingly all positive.  We also allow Recognized Student Organizations to sponsor free-standing holiday decor, although none have taken advantage of this.  The only restriction is on quantity of similar displays and location based on operational necessity (i.e. not blocking a stairwell, doors, etc.).  This covers any holidays/observances that we don't cover in our decor.  The sponsored holiday decor policy was vetted by the University's General Counsel prior to implementation.  

Re: End of Year Holiday decorations

Posted by Wayne Otis Mamed on Oct 31, 2018 8:40 pm

As a state institution, we had a rough time being all inclusive with holiday decorating in the union.  With something like 35 holidays from Nov - thru mid January, it was tough to find a way to decorate without missing someone.  When I became Director, I suggested to students that we do a door decorating contest from the return after Thanksgiving to early January.  It was NOT a HOLIDAY door decorating contest...  just a door decorating contest.  Groups could apply/request a door to decorate (clubs, res-halls, recreation groups, gov't orgs, bookstore, departments... any group on campus) and the first 200 (We have 260 doors in the building, but all are not possible to decorate and be seen etc) got a door.  The theme would be anything the group wanted.  Environment, event promotion, club promotion, social justice, pop culture themes or... holidays.  Departments and clubs in the building have right of first refusal to their door, but almost all participate. The winners get their door "photo" on a plaque in our "hallway of fame" (where there are tons of awards displayed) for the next year, and their name on a plaque with all other winners for "eternity".  We made up several categories to win on...  you make up your own.  Judges are usually from around campus, along with students from the Board of Governors.  Students love the festive feel to the building, and visitors, conference participants, December grads and the President who hosts a holiday social, all love visiting the various hallways and nooks to find every door to view.  They really are fun!  We acknowledge the winners at a "Holiday Open House" hosted by the Student Union Board Of Governors just before final exams.  Have fun!

-W. Otis Mamed, Director of the CCSU Student Center, Emeritus