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International Pronouns Day

  • 1.  International Pronouns Day

    Posted 10-20-2021 09:33
    Happy International Pronouns Day!

    Each year, International Pronouns Day (IPD) takes place on the third Wednesday of October, and that's October 20th this year. This is a grassroots effort that began in 2018, so what this day is and becomes depends on what you do with it. Adapt it as needed to your context, language, and local priorities.

    As an individual, here are a few things you could do this year:

    1. Educate yourself, and practice on your own. Visit and deepen your learning. Be sure you know how to respect others’ pronouns. Practice using they/them and other pronoun sets in sentences on your own, so you can do better in real life scenarios. Learn how to recover from mistakes.

    2. Follow their social media. Use the #PronounsDay hashtag on October 20th to show your support. Share why this matters to you. Be prepared to educate others. (Just remember, you don’t have to engage the trolls! Focus on people who want to learn.) If you are planning something special for this year that you might want help amplifying, let us know.

    3. Share your own pronouns in your display name, in your email signature, when you share your name in meetings, etc.

    4. Get involved in local communities and organizations. Donate to a local trans organization, and prioritize support for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color organizations. Work to get the organizations you work with to support International Pronouns Day.

    For any and all other resources and ideas on how to participate, visit

    Caleb Eubanks (he/him/his)
    Union Marketing & Communication Manager
    University of Central Missouri