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  • 1.  Department Utilization of Open Wall Space

    Posted 12-06-2021 14:54
    I have a two part questions for those who work on the tenant/building management side of student union management. The first part is, on our campus, we have a large amount of offices housed within our student union buildings such as Admissions, Study Abroad, Office of Student Scholarship, etc. We have been receiving inquiries from these office regarding them installing advertising fixtures outside their offices on the adjacent walls and hallways.Do your schools have any guidelines for this type of request? 

    The second part of my question is in regards to the student union common areas. Our office has received multiple requests lately from various departments who offer programming and support services to students. They would like to install their own bulletin boards to advertise events, snap frames or banners to promote their office's services, and more. We are looking to see what other schools do as far as who is allowed to utilize these common area wall spaces, what your process is for approval and upkeep, and if you all have any suggestions for a school that is looking to create guidelines around this concept. 

    Any advice you could give would be much appreciated!

    Kelly Meehan
    Interim Assistant Director, Communications and Program Development
    George Mason University
    Fairfax VA

  • 2.  RE: Department Utilization of Open Wall Space

    Posted 12-07-2021 17:41

    One piece of advice I would share is once you decide what space is available, then advertise it to campus. That way ALL groups/entities/departments/whatever have an equal shot at the space. I have seen things happen on campus' where one unit requests a spot and are granted  it, but if others had known to do that, they also would have requested space. We have a committee of students and staff that serve as a Policy Board to review requests.


    Susan LeBow

    Associate Director, University Centers

    1015 Reserve Street

    Stevens Point, WI 54481



    EOC – Logistics Team

    The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point occupies the lands of the Ho-Chunk and Menominee people. We acknowledge and honor this ancestral land and the sacred lands of all indigenous peoples.


  • 3.  RE: Department Utilization of Open Wall Space

    Posted 12-08-2021 09:04
    Kelly, here's my suggestion. Related to space adjacent to individual offices. If there is space for an office bulletin board and it doesn't hurt the integrity of the hallway, we do allow this. 

    As for permitting an office to put something else within the building, we don't permit that. Once that starts, where do you stop! We leave all public space for the Union administration to decide for special events or short-term exceptions. Please reach out if I can be of further assistance. Cheers! Mark

    Mark Constantine
    Director, Centennial Student Union and Student Activities
    Minnesota State University–Mankato
    Mankato MN

  • 4.  RE: Department Utilization of Open Wall Space

    Posted 03-21-2022 14:37
    At the University of Cincinnati, we have to ask PD&C Planning, Design, & Construction for approval. That process comprises space request, submission of materials to be installed, and justification for installation. However, hanging a bulletin board or a specific sign related to the office, I ask for forgiveness rather than permission. I always communicate with the director(s) of each department about their thoughts. I hope this gives you a little direction and a lot of hope. 

    Adam Wiles
    Operations Manager
    West Pavilion @ Historic Nippert Stadium
    The University of Cincinnati

    Adam Wiles
    Operations Manager
    University of Cincinnati